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Anand Thakur,  living in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India. I have completed my Post-Graduation  From Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Kharagpur.

Currently I am working in Intas Pharmaceutical (A reputed medicine making company).

I have a  keen interest in various medicine, its manufacturing , functioning and how it  impact on human begins. In this concern i always searched numerous health related approved authenticated journals and various web sources for your benification.

In this concern i always read about lots of scientifically tested remedies and try to bring  those in-front of you all for your health benification.

My passion is to provide you better health/medical information, better remedies instead of medicine and help you to live a healthy lifestyle.

I have worked in CSIR- CMERI lab as a Research Fellow for one Year , having publication in  Scientific Journal (RSC Ananlysist)

Title :  A paper based microfluidic device for the detection of uric acid by the means of positively charged gold nano particles.

Publication date : Jan 21, 2015  

publication description : RSC Analyst

Link : http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2015/AN/c4an02333a#!divAbstract

Also We Filed A  Patent

Title :  A method to fabricate polymeric micro/nano particles encapsulated with external species

Parallely I am also interested in Health and Fitness Blogging, Teaching, learning Computers languages.

I always enjoy Doing My Work and Always Ready to help any time.

You Can Contact me anytime, I will back to you as soon as Possible.

Here, On this platform,  we are trying to cover all your health and fitness related right remedies in a very  concise and smart way.

I hope all my articles will  help you in getting rid of your health problems and keep you stay fit, stay happy & smiling.

Contact Info  : allhealthfactsofficial@gmail.com

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