10 Most Dangerous Foods to Avoid with Diabetes


Nowadays Diabetes is considered as a very common disease . This all due to unhealthy lifestyle. In diabetic person excess amount of glucose present in bloodstream. uncontrolled diabeties leads to severe problem such as : kidney failure, eye damage (blindness), chest pain (angina), heart attack, stroke and narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis), foot damage and many others complications.

If you eat wrong foods consistently, it raises the blood sugar and insulin levels leads to promote inflammation in the body, raises diabeties dieases. Actually when the pancreas stop/ reduces producing enough insulin or the cells of the body become resistant to insulin (Insulin is a hormone that allows the glucose to enter the cells to use for energy), in either case whatever the food you take that directly increases blood sugar leads to serious complication.

GI or glycemic index value is a useful system for ranking foods according to their potential to raise blood sugar levels. Foods with a high GI raise blood sugar faster than those with a low GI.

According to the American Diabetes Association  (ADA):

  • low-GI foods have a GI of 55 or less
  • medium-GI foods have a GI of 56 to 69
  • high-GI foods have a GI of 70 or more

In this article we are listing out  10 most dangerous foods  that people with diabetes or prediabetes should avoid.

1. Fruit Juices:

Eating whole fruits is good for diabetic patients as they contains carbohydrates and fibers, but in case of drinking fruit juice regularly enhances your blood sugar level (type 2 diabeties)  to high extent and gradually worsen your diabetic condition to critical stage.

Diabetic Food

Sugar levels in fruit juices  significantly pump up/ spikes  the blood sugar levels, increases the risk of hyperglycemia (too high blood sugar levels).

Always try to eat food having low glycemic index (GI). Better to eat whole fruits rather than fruit juices.

2. White Rice:

As per study it has been found that eating white rice regularly increases the risk of type 2 diabeties by 10%.

Diabeties Food

In asian countries rice is highly consumable food.

White rice listed on top in the  glycemic index rank list, which means it can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. White rice is also low in fiber that can help lower the risk for developing diabetes. The digestion of white rice is fast due to low fiber content which result a instant shoot in blood sugar level.

If you love rice, better to eat brown rice, paralley it has more other benifits than white rice.

3. Potatoes

Diabeties Food

Potato contains high amount of startch, startch is made up of long chains of glucose compounds as a result it leads to increase in blood sugar level.

Potatoes also have high glycemic index (GI).

It doesn’t mean you cannot eat potato but one can eat along with green vegetables (having low GI – glycemic index value) in a balanced amount.

4. Whole Milk:

Milk contains lactose, considered as a natural source of sugar. Cow milk contains full fat which contains high amount of carbohydrate. Instead of taking full fat milk better to take silk milk having low carbohydrate or fat percentage.

Also one can prefer almond and flax milk  which contains nearly zero carbohydrates.

Dairy products contains high amount of saturated fats leads to kidney disease, responsible for rise in bad cholesterol level.

Hence, person having diabeties proble keep yourself away from dairy products( butter, cheese, full fat yogurt, ice-cream and others) .

5. White Bread:

Diabeties Food

White bread is processed (processed food get absorbed and digested faster results to inrease blood sugar level fast )  from white flour and sugars. They contains refined startch which increases the carbohydrate amount leads to increase glycemic index value.

Instead of taking white bread better to take 100% wheat bread or cereal processed bread(oat meal), or multi-grain bread.

Other than above 5 listed top foods, some other high glycemic index (GI) value foods are :

  • Fat Cuts of Meat
  • French Fries
  • Pasta
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Flavored Coffee Drinks
  • Honey, Agave Nectar and Maple Syrup
  • Dried Fruit

ImageCredits : Diabeties UK; Vitagene; Healthline; Pinterest; Daily Mail

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